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Our company has been settled in 2016, and it’s involved into the cloud mining investments (Earning currency by using computer resources) in , Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. It’s complete capitalization reached more then 10 billions dollars.

  • Get up to 7.77% everyday
  • Funds accepted 32.28 BTC
  • Paid funds 9.55 BTC

About us

BitCoin mining(aswell as number of other crypto-currencies) considered to earn money with the help of computer powers usage, provided both by servers and private PCs. Owning such “farms”, BitShark company satisfiescompanies’s requests which require more performance, and our company distributes the income received from lending powers between the investors.



Extreme success of Bitcoin crypto-currency dragged attention of number of developers from all over the world, and some time later, new currencies appeared, though they haven’t beaten Bitcoin record, they are still quite perspective. Exactly these currencies are used for mining. Specialists of the company Pay for Instagram Likes SKM comment that for many people who are engaged in mining, the purchase of likes and folovers in instagram will perfectly suit.

Trading analysis department of BITSHARK company is performing currency pair trades on international markets, getting income from permanent costs floatings

While working, we only use the most modern algorithms, which allows us to automatize almost all the processes, and money earning is happening permanently, without any breakes.
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Our resource is protected against DDOS attacks by the DDoS Guard service, and data is encrypted by th SSL provided by the GeoTrust.

Instant payouts

You don’t need to wait, until your request will be accepted, funds will be transferred to your account immediately.


Our resource is adjusted for almost any device available, including smartphones and tablets.

Officialy registered company

Our company is officialy registered in the United Kingdom


Which payment systems do BITSHARK accept?
We accept Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin.
What is a minimal and maximal amount os deposit?
The minimum investment amount is $20 and the maximum amount is $10000.
Does exist any limit on deposits quantity?
No. Quantity of deposits is unlimited.
How I can to withdraw my earnings?
You can withdraw your earnings in your cabinet in Withdrawal page.
What is a type of withdrawal?
Withdrawal type is instant. You will receieve your payment instantly after you created request.
Does BTC convert in USD?
No. If you recharge your balance in BTC, your balance will be recharged in BTC without convertation in USD or another currency.
News company
23Mar 2017
BTISHARK Grand launch

Dear partners,

BITSHARK LTD would like to welcome you to the opening of our site to the general public.

We offer 3 investment plans: 7.77% daily for 20 days, 11% daily for 11 days and a short test plan: 108% after 5 days.

Additionaly you can earn with our partnership program up to 7% of your partner investment.

Our team wishes you a long and profitably investments with us!

Best regards, BITSHARK LTD Team.


LevelStandart. Anyone does. Not even need a deposit
LevelRepresentative. The sum of deposits of partners on 1 level should be not less, than $1000

You can also earn money by sharing your succesful investing experience into the BITSHARK with your friends and colleagues.Help them to earn money daily, and get a percentage of their income!
At the moment, there is four-level system available – for the first invited person you’ll get 7%, and the one invited by your referral will give you extra 1%, and 0.5% will be brought by the 3rd and 4th level referrals.
Lead the mining empire, and maybe, once, you will realize that hobby brings you way more money, then major jobs do.

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for 20 days 7.77% daily
Min. 20$ Max.19999$
Deposit: included
Accruals: every day
Payments: instant

for 11 days
Min. 20$ Max.19999$
Deposit: included
Accruals: every day
Payments: instant

for 5 days
108%After 5 days
Min. 20$ Max.19999$
Deposit: included
Accruals: every day
Payments: instant

Invested process can be divided into 3 stages

  1. Accumulating funds
  2. Cryptocurrency investments
  3. Receiving and diversificating income

On the first stage all investors are depositing funds in any suitable way, and since the first second they start working: they are grouped up into large financial pools, which are transferred to the international crypto-currency trading market.

Deposits can be both minimal ($20) and quite large (more then $10.000 from each investor).Large companies pays for rented computer resources in such systems as – BitCoin, Ethetereum, Ripple, Litecoin

Then, income being diversificated between investors due to the deposits made. Payouts are made instantly, in any time of a day.

Contact us
Our Address2 Harvey Street N1 5NQ, London, United Kingdom
SKYPElive: bitsharkio
[email protected]_io
[email protected]

Terms of use
This agreement between BITSHARK LTDand the user (henceforth “the Agreement”) outlines all requirements and conditions of using the services offered by BITSHARK LTDThese services are rendered to any registered user (“the User”) and include site registration and account access, payment deposits and withdrawals, and other interactions performed at its website – https://bitshark.io
Usage of any of BITSHARK LTDservices means that you have read, understood, and agree with all terms listed in this Agreement, and that you will accept and follow them.

General Terms

  1. Individuals 18 years of age or older, or of the legal age of majority according to their country’s legal definition, has the right to open a BITSHARK LTD account and become a User.
  2. Each User agrees to maintain a single account only. If multiple accounts are opened by a single User, they will be summarily blocked and associated funds will be returned as described by part 5. Deposit Refund.
  3. BITSHARK LTDaccess is provided to Users and User invitees and not provided to the general public.
  4. All deposited funds earn interest income calculated daily and dependent on the allotted interest percent that coincides with the Users personal deposit total. Statistical information of these daily earnings can be accessed by the User on the BITSHARK LTDwebsite’s Dashboard.

Investment Terms

  1. All Users must invest using one of the acceptable payment processing systems. These include BitCoin, Perfect Money, Payeer and AdvancedCash.
  2. No fees are charged for depositing funds.
  3. A minimum deposit amount of $20 or 0.02 BTC for BitCoin users is required.
  4. A maximum deposit amount of $19999 or 20 BTC for BitCoin users.
  5. Users can deposit as many times as they deem appropriate.
  6. The User’s investment portfolio encompasses all of the deposits made by them into their account.
  7. No direct money transfers are permitted. Investment portfolio funding is accomplished through sending payments to the BITSHARK LTD website User account.
  8. BITSHARK LTD will refuse any payments or financial transfers made incorrectly or with incorrect data.


  1. An approved deposit of funds begins earning investment income immediately.
  2. Earnings accrue all day, every day including non-business hours, weekends, and holidays.
  3. The daily earning amount includes a percentage of the original deposit.
  4. All earnings are transferred to the User’s account within the bounds of BITSHARK LTD it self.
  5. Earnings continue to accrue if and when the BITSHARK LTD website is unavailable for maintenance or down due to technical or other issues.
  6. Users with certain investment portfolio sizes may receive a personal coefficient, which can augment the daily earnings deposited into the User’s account.

Withdrawal Process

1.No fees are ever charged by BITSHARK LTD for withdrawing earnings or initial deposit from a User’s account.
2.Withdrawals are unlimited.
3.Withdrawal requests are allowed by the User at any time including non-business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Guarantees and Indemnities

1.BITSHARK LTD follows all applicable laws and guidelines and operates with the Users best interests in mind.
2.BITSHARK LTD maintains complete security and safety in regard to its website and data-collection servers. It operates within full compliance of its stated Privacy Policy. It guarantees no identifiable information of any User will be shared, sold, or accessed by any third parties unless legally requested by the courts of England or Wales.
3.Any and all third party companies, organizations, groups, and individuals such as payment processors or banks, operates as independent contractors and not as representatives or agents of BITSHARK LTD
4.BITSHARK LTD reserves the right to refuse services to any User if said User violates this Agreement or attempts to defraud or harm BITSHARK LTD or its website in any way. This includes but is not limited to fraud, libel, blackmail, spam, and website security breaches or hacking. BITSHARK LTD may use its sole discretion to initiate deposit refund processes in accordance with section 5 or block the User and keep the deposit funds to compensate for real loss or damages.
5.BITSHARK LTD reserves the right to refuse services or website access to any User for any reason without explanation as deemed necessary.
6.BITSHARK LTD operates in compliance with the laws of England and Wales. All services rendered are part of private business deals and do not fall under the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the US Investment Advisers Act of 1940, or any other laws, regulations, or guidelines. BITSHARK LTD is not insured by the US Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation and holds no license as either a bank or security company.
7.BITSHARK LTD reserves the right to block any User who spams or send unsolicited email at any time. This zero-tolerance policy permits the seizure of the entire deposit amount.

Liability and Limitations

1.BITSHARK LTD holds no responsibility or liability that stems from technical or electronic errors or issues unable to be resolved by BITSHARK LTD
2.BITSHARK LTD holds no responsibility or liability to breaches of these Terms of Agreement associated with force majeure including but not limited to government action, military action, riots and strikes, natural disasters, service interruptions, network connections, and security breaches of the User’s hardware, Internet access, or network.

Notification of Risk

1.All Users understand and agree that all investments contain risk.
2.No guarantees of future income based on past income is implied. Past results have no bearing on future results.
3.Each User must understand personal goals, personal experiences, and psychological characteristics that may affect the investment process with BITSHARK LTD Users who do not understand these Terms of Agreement or have doubts should speak with an impartial financial consultant before investing.
4.Each User holds full responsibility for their investment activities and any potential losses or risks associated with them.

Revisions and Addenda

1.BITSHARK LTD reserves the right to modify or add to these Terms of Agreement at any time and for any reason without notifying any Users beforehand.
2.A User’s continuing usage of the BITSHARK LTD services after modification of the Terms of Agreement signifies their agreement to the modifications made.


1.All information contained within these Terms of Agreement are interpreted and regulated by the laws of England and Wales.
2.Any disputes or legal complaints must be filed in and brought before the courts of England and Wales in full compliance with those countries’ laws.